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When it comes to reading rules a handful of webmasters seem to think that they are beyond following the rules. My posting of these rules for all webmasters who wish to submit to A Hookers Porn List is the last attempt to encourage a handful of webmasters that they are not as special as they think they are. Please follow the rules, sure I will list your site if it is good, but there comes a time when enough is enough. Don't change your sites, don't push the boundaries, don't use illegal words or content that would be considered not ethical or pushes past the obsenity laws that the US are trying to implement.

If these rules are too hard to follow - don't submit your sites to A Hookers Porn List.
If I have to change these rules again, this link list will move to an invitation only list.

1. The most important rule of all - Is your site 2257 compliant?
Does YOUR site have a 2257 notice at the bottom of your site?
This rule needs to be adhered to or can you give me a reason why you don't need one!
Not sure why you need a 2257 then read this important thread!

2. NO Hardcore banners or images on your warning page this includes, penetration, cumshots, facials etc. comply with the US obscenity laws and your site will be listed.

Other Easy to follow Rules
No Free hosts or email addresses this includes (yahoo, geocities, hotmail, lycos etc)
No Blind links at all
No Titles to be linked to your sponsor or named the same as your sponsor's site
No Illegal words or content - this includes banned words
No Exit links to adult sites or sites that include words on my banned words list
No More than 30 images allowed on a free site (don't give the porn away)
No More than 3 out links to your sponsors this includes other sites on your pages (unless we like your site)
No We won't accept guys who abuse the system of leniancy over and over... read the rules.

No IP Addresses will not be accepted as your domain name / url
No More than 4 - 5 words in your title - this is the maximum
No More than 8 - 10 words in your description
No pages with index576.html etc will be listed - be descriptive - if submitting an ebony site try ebony.html
No hidden links on your pages at all
No We won't accept the
more than 5 of the same template per month (be creative and make more)
NO Overused content to be submitted.... there is plenty of content out there - buy some :)

Yes Please use the same name or nick name for each submission
A recip is required - and please use the correct url - http://www.ahookers-pornlist.com/
My recip has to be viewable - ensure the font colour can be seen, don't blend it into the background and ensure the text is the same size as other text links.
Yes TGP2 sites and galleries are allowed
Yes 5 - 30 images on a free site is allowed - 10 images min on gallery pages unless this is a tgp2 gallery
Yes Images can open onto a html page -2 sponsor links maximum on these pages.
Yes We accept Free and AVS Sites - AVS supply a backdoor url or temp p/w - username in comments.
Yes We accept paysites with affiliate programs place the link to your program in the comments.
Yes We do accept FPA's between warning page and content - not on your main page or gallery pages.
Yes We accept one small console after the content
Yes Phone sex numbers are acceptable but not when you have more than 4 on your entrance / warning, main or gallery pages..
. 4 text ads on each page is acceptable in a tidy table / money bar.

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